• And the Sky Began To Scream

After not listening to How To Destroy Angels for a few weeks, I gave their full LP a listen from start to finish. Still holds up very well; it’s very dark but distinctly different from Nine Inch Nails.

In a way the whole HTDA concept reminds me a bit of a film director like Nicolas Winding Refn; extremely stylish and very evocative of this unsettling mood that really no other album so far this year has come close to touching.

  • Kalopsia
  • Queens Of The Stone Age

Sometimes guest vocalists, producers and other personnel slip in unnoticed. But Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails, How to Destroy Angels) has a voice that’s unmistakable in this song’s first chorus. Like almost everything else on this album, it’s an excellent hard rock track.

(Source: Spotify)

When people talk about DFA 1979 many lean on “Blood On Our Hands” or “Black History Month” given the many dance remixes of these tracks out there. But I really love the simplicity and (comparatively) chilled out nature of “Little Girl”. Look for the simple guitar back and forth at the track close.